Mercy Children’s Home


At the age of 16, Deepak Bardewa was the first person in his village of some 3,000 people to convert from Hinduism to Christianity. Disowned by his father, the village Hindu priest and witch doctor, Mr. Bardewa was taken in by a Christian family and moved to the United States. He lived in southern California and eventually earned master’s degree in Divinity at Biola University. God’s Kids originally met Reverend Bardewa while he was living in Temecula and studying theology at Biola University. We met with him a few times before he graduated and was going to return to his native India. Reverend Bardewa told us that he would start an orphanage when he got back home to Manipur, India in the extreme northeast of the country. As a result of this personal relationship, God’s Kids agreed to be involved with his efforts. We now support over 40 children through our partnership with Reverend Bardewa.