The Challenge with Orphanages

Dion Quinn founded God’s Kids in 2002 in response to the needs of orphans worldwide. Dion’s desire to help children was partly a result from his own childhood experience. With a heart for children surviving in difficult circumstances, Dion has deep compassion for children who have been abandoned or suffer the pain of homelessness spurred him to action.

After years of donating much of his income to orphanages around the world, Dion set out to witness the lives of these children firsthand. He traveled to third-world countries in Africa and Southeast Asia and was disappointed to discover how his donations were being used.

In many cases, his donations were not being used for their intended purpose. And when they were, inefficiency and ineffectiveness plagued these ill-equipped organizations. Dion found that no one was holding these orphanages accountable for the level of care provided to children.


Our Solution

God’s Kids was created to help orphanages meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of orphans around the world through the God’s Kids Network.