Amistad Familiar Orphanage
& Feeding Centers


Just outside the worldclass resorts of Mazatlan, impoverished neighborhoods are crowded with children whose parents work night and day to give the existence much different from the resort lifestyle nearby. At Amistad Familiar, we help provide these children with two meals every day, and a safe place to play, learn, and grow while their parents are working.

Amistad Familiar is a unique mission for God’s Kids, as these feeding centers help all types of children both those with and those without parents in their life. Every day the 7 feeding centers in the Mazatlan area help feed over 430 children as well as 20 special needs orphans.

While the majority of the children are not orphans, their fathers are often in prison or have passed away and their mothers work long hours to provide for their family. The kids come to the center closest to them where they receive a time of worship, a Bible study and breakfast and they are sent off to school. Upon returning from school, the kids are given another time of worship, Bible study and they are served lunch. The kids stay at the center, doing their homework and playing under adult supervision until his or her mother comes to pick up her kid(s).