Casa Hogar Belen


Casa Hogar Belen is located in Tijuana, just south of the U.S./Mexico border, and is supported by a large number of individuals and organizations. One supporter was a church in Orange County and a pastor of that church invited us to go with them and we went. Once we saw Casa Hogar it was an easy decision to support as it was obvious it was clean and well run orphanage and the number of supporters validated it was worthy of our involvement. Today, it stands as a model of a well run and highly accountable organization with excellent record keeping.

Home director Antonia Barajas Pena started this family-run orphanage in 1977. Antonia received child care and personnel management training, as well as first aid training from the Red Cross. Daughter Ana Britta Mendoza is the home’s primary administrator. She has worked as Human Resources manager, and has degrees in business and bookkeeping. Ana Britta has had personnel management training besides her degree and also first aid training from the Red Cross. Antonia’s son, Pastor Jose Antonio, is also on site. Pastor Jose has degrees in mechanical engineering and theology.